Welcome to the Pre-Health and Pre-Medical Advising Homepage for College of Arts and Science Students at UMKC. The information and links contained on this page are intended to help prospective and current students learn the basic information about preparing for a health profession. Many of your questions can be answered by reviewing the information on these links. It is always recommended that you meet with a pre-health advisor every semester to make sure you are on track to achieve your academic and career goals.

The information below applies to pre-health students who are majoring in the College of Arts and Sciences at UMKC. Biology majors should contact the School of Biological Sciences Undergraduate Programs Office at 816-235-2580 for advising for the health professions.

Students interested in the 6-year combined BA/MD program through the UMKC School of Medicine should contact the School of Medicine Council on Selection at 816-235-1870

The most common pre-health programs at UMKC are



Pre-Dental Hygiene



Pre-Physical Therapy

Below are a variety of health professions that one can pursue in the medical/health field. Though UMKC does not offer degrees in the following areas, students can complete prerequisite courses or degrees at UMKC in preparation for programs in these fields at other schools. Students must research prospective programs and learn which prerequisite courses they must complete in order to become a qualified applicant for their program of interest. Once that information is obtained, pre-health advisors within the College can assist students in scheduling those courses.

Pre-Clinical Perfusion


Pre-Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound

Pre-Nuclear Medicine

Pre-Occupational Therapy


Pre-Anesthesiology Assistant

Pre-Physician Assistant

Pre-Respiratory Therapy