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People in the Department of Psychology

Members of the psychology faculty are excellent educators and productive researchers. Three faculty members have received the Dean’s Outstanding Teaching Award and others are active participants in the New Faculty Teaching Scholars Program, the Curriculum Diversity Program, and the campus program (FaCET) promoting excellence in teaching.  As researchers, our faculty are nationally known scholars in areas that include perception, emotion, and attention as they relate to clinical conditions. As well as health, adolescents’ peer and family relationships, risk behaviors in relation to HIV/AIDS, eating disorders and obesity, cancer, tobacco/smoking, cardiovascular treatment and rehabilitation among persons with serious mental illnesses.  Detailed information about each of our faculty members can be obtained by clicking on a faculty member's name.



Dr. Kymberly Bennett

Associate Professor & Director, Undergraduate Psychology Program

Social Cognition & Health Research Team

Research interests: My team and I study the impact of social cognition on health. In particular, I'm interested in how casual attributions shape physical and psychological health following a cardiovascular event. We are currently doing a pilot intervention study that uses motivational interviewing to increase medication adherence and participation in cardiac rehabilitation among patients with cardiovascular disease. We are also validating a measure of cardiac self-blame attributions among patients in cardiac rehabilitation.

Dr. Jared Bruce

Associate Professor
Clinical Neuropsychology Research Laboratory
Research Interests: Neuropsychology, multiple sclerosis, treatment of cognitive disorders, adherence to complex medication schedules, traumatic brain injury, dementia, delirium, functional brain imaging.

Dr. Diane Filion


Cognitive Psychophysiology Research Group

Research Interests: Physiological measures of attention and emotion, attentional function and dysfunction, aging and psychopathology

Dr. Oh-Ryeong Ha

Assistant Professor

UMKC Child Lab

Research Interests: Interests lie in the field of cognitive development, with a particular focus on the development of decision-making, executive function, face perception and language skills in infants and children.

Dr. Erin Hambrick

Assistant Professor

lab PANDA (Pediatric Abuse, Neglect, Disaster and Adversity)

Research Interests: I study children who have been exposed to trauma, disaster, or adversity. Specific lines of research inlcude identifying risk and protective factors following exposure to trauma or adversity, identifying helpful ways for caregivers to talk to children about disasters, and evaluating the effectiveness of available trauma treatments in community-based settings. The ultimate goal is to understand which interventions work for whom, under which circumstances.

Dr. Seung-Lark Lim

Assistant Professor
L.L.ANN: Lim Lab for Affective Neuroscience and Neuroeconomics

Research Interests: My research utilizes computational, behavioral and functional neuroimaging (EEG and fMRI) techniques to understand the neural mechanisms of cognitive-affective interactions and decision-making in the brain and their implications for affective-behavioral dysregulation in normal and clinical populations (e.g., affective disorder, addiction, eating disorder).

Dr. Jennifer Lundgren

Associate Professor & Department Chair

Eating, Sleep and Circadian Rhythm Research Lab

Research Interests: Obesity, Night Eating Syndrome, Eating Disorders and Body Image.

Dr. Ricardo Marte

Assistant Teaching Professor

Dr. Joan McDowd

Professor & Director, Experimental Health Psychology Ph.D. Program
Research Interests: Interests are in cognitive aging, particularly in attention and memory processes.  I am interested in inhibitory function as it relates to selective attention and the complex control processes called “executive function”.  In addition, I have a line of work underway that employs eye-tracking methodology to capture on-line cognitive processes during reading.  Although primarily interested in healthy aging, I have also applied methods from cognitive psychology to understanding cognition in stroke, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson’s disease, as well as in severe mental illnesses.  

Dr. Tamera Murdock

Professor & Director, KC-AERC and Adolescent Transitions Group

Research Interests: Interests include achievement motivation and emotional/social development among children and adolescents, as well as contextual influence on these processes (e.g. microinfluences such as parents, peer and teachers and macro-contextual effects, such as gender, ethnicity and social class).

Dr. Melisa Rempfer

Associate Professor & Director, Clinical Health Psychology Ph.D. Program

Research Interests: Serious mental illness, disability and rehabilitation, neurocognition and community outcomes for individuals with psychiatric disabilities, community-based participatory research

Dr. Joah Williams

Assistant Professor

Stress and Trauma Evaluation and Prevention Science Lab
Research Interests: Psychosocial and health consequences of trauma exposure across the lifespan. More particularly, development and evaluation of traumatic stress prevention and early intervention programs.




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