Social and Community Service Managers/Program
Directors/Directors of Volunteer Services

Nature of work

  • Directors in this line of work are employed in hospitals, social service agencies, community centers, and nonprofit organizations. They analyze community and personnel needs to develop programs of interest. They establish relationships with other community organizations to ensure that services are not duplicated.
  • Directors establish protocol to be followed by staff and volunteers. They may coordinate inservice trainings, set work hours, and develop the positions to be completed by personnel.
  • Directors work to recruit new volunteers/workers. This may involve publicizing and marketing programs, then interviewing potential applicants. After successful recruitments, directors organize and may even teach classes of instruction to train new hires. After volunteers/workers are trained, directors assign workers to various positions.
  • Directors prepare and maintain records and reports such as budgets, personnel records, or training manuals.
  • Directors conduct program evaluations review the quality and effectiveness of their programs and workers. They may also arrange for recognition of volunteers for their services.

How to prepare for this career

  • Obtain volunteer experience while in college! Once you find a volunteer program become experienced in it, offer to take on responsibilities of increasing importance. Look in nonprofit agencies, hospitals, and community service organizations to become part of a volunteer program. Volunteer opportunities may be found in a domestic abuse shelters, nursing homes, youth homes, mental health centers, schools, etc.
  • Take elective courses in public relations, administration, communications, management, and finance. Join campus groups where you are able to build your skills in group management, budgeting, and program development.

Job Outlook

  • This job is expected to grow faster than average for all occupations.


  • Median annual earnings were reported as $48,330 in 2004 for social and community service managers.


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