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Viviana L. Grieco

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Viviana L. Grieco, Assistant Professor of History, (Profesor de Enseñanza Media y Superior en Historia, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1994; M.A. Ph.D., Emory University, 2005). Dr. Grieco specializes in the political culture of the viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata during the transition from colony to nation.  Dr. Grieco is currently working on her book manuscript, On the King's Power and his Subject's Money. The Political Culture of the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata, 1776-1809.

Dr. Grieco's research analyzes the instrumental, symbolic, and ritual aspects of domination and the connections between tax policy and imperial consensus. Informed by the extensive literature available for the political culture of early modern Europe, the cultural anthropology of power, and the history and theory of gender, her scholarship challenges previous definitions of the Spanish imperial state as an omnipresent and abstract force.  Her work departs from traditional understandings of political power focused on institutions and the state building process. Alternatively, Dr. Grieco studies practices (disputes, special legal appeals and donativos--donations given to the crown at times of financial distress), gestures (vengeful attitudes and displays of generosity), texts (pamphlets, newspapers and books), and rituals (viceregal entries, ceremonial competitions concerning ranks and celebrations) that informed and made possible the process of political subjection and social and racial subordination in the Spanish world. Her work emphasizes social and political continuities between the late colonial and early independent periods and therefore challenges traditional interpretations of the wars of independence as a "watershed."

Two articles related to Dr. Grieco's current research project have been published in prominent journals in the field of Latin American history: "Two Heads for one Body. Superintendant Sanz welcomes Viceroy Loreto to the city of Buenos Aires," SECOLAS Annals. v. 38, 2006, pp. 13-33, and "Socializing the king's debt: Local and Atlantic financial transactions of the merchants of Buenos Aires, 1793-1808," The Americas, 65:3, January 2009, pp. 321-350.  Additionally, she has recently submitted another article to the Hispanic American Historical Review entitled "Family and Political Authority in Early Independent Buenos Aires: Rituals, Practices and Texts."