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The minor in WGS offers an excellent inter- and multi-disciplinary curriculum that examines women, girls and gender throughout history and across cultures. WGS courses teach critical thinking through an examination of the historical and contemporary problems facing women locally, nationally and globally. Students expand their understanding of gender difference, cultural diversity and social change as they complete an 18-hour program of study from among a wide variety of classes in numerous fields and disciplines. WGS courses in history, sociology, psychology, criminal justice, English, religion, political science, law and other areas enable students to pursue a specialized focus which enhances their major in the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences. The minor also provides sufficient flexibility to allow for the creation of a course of study especially suited to the individual interests of students.

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What Can I Do with a WGS Minor?

Students with a minor in WGS extensively broaden their educational, occupational, and professional opportunities in the public and private sectors by enriching their liberal arts, social science or natural science training. Employers in business, law, education, journalism, the arts, government, medicine, public and social services actively recruit job candidates with knowledge and training in issues of women and gender. Graduate schools and professional programs particularly select women's and gender studies students for their creativity, intellectual flexibility, sensitivity to difference, and breadth of knowledge.

Requirements for the Minor

A minor in Women's and Gender Studies requires 18 credits. Nine credits must be in upper division courses (that is, 300 and 400) and no more than nine credits may overlap with your major. Readings courses on selected topics also may be arranged with individual faculty members.

In fact, if you have taken courses that focused on women, girls, and gender, these may already count toward your minor. (A maximum of six hours of other coursework may be applied to the minor.)

Required Courses (6 hours)

WGS 201:  Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies

WGS 301:  Introduction to Feminist Theory

The remaining 12 hours must include a minimum of 3 hours of social sciences credit and 3 hours of humanities credit and be chosen from an approved list of courses.  A list of approved courses is published every semester.

Students are also encouraged to take WGS 484: Women's & Gender Studies Internship.

For more information and to declare your minor, please make an appointment with Dr. Brenda Bethman, Director of the Women's and Gender Studies Program, Haag Hall 105, (816) 235-1638.